T'ai Chi Collection

by Reinhard Denner (reinhard ).


About this Collection


This collection was born of the marriage of two very different happenings: Jobwise I learned html and I visited Tim Cushing web pages. They really helped me to make a big step in my Tai Chi development. So I decided to open my personal collection to the community, so that someone else may have some benefits from it. A bunch of reasons hinder me in contributing a lot to the neijja mailing lists (english and german) so I'd like to keep the balance this way.


Since the collection itself is a sort of censorship in itself, I've limited any corrections I've made for appearances sake. So I sometimes removed part of mails which discussed other topics. There is no glossary or definiton of terms. You may find it at the Neijia Home Page Glossary.


This main page of the collection uses two frames. The left frame shows the contents and available while the articles can be seen in the right frame. The alternative way to browse through, is to open the contents page in a browser window and see the pages in another window opened by the links in the contents page.


Essays on T'ai Chi

In place of an FAQ there are some postings about the subject.


Since there is more than one method to express the chinese pictographic-ideographic symbols the following tables may avoid misunderstanding and confusion when reading T'ai Chi related texts. The tables contain pure translations, no definitions. Please mail me your corrections and/or extensions.


Other Places in the Net

I usually start browsing at the Neijia Home Page or at the Wushan links (german). In between I stop by at the german neijia list homepage. If you live in the Salzburg (Austria) area, don't miss visiting the page of my friend and former teacher Chen Jumin.

There is another side of the fence.I also sometime pass by at the quackwatch and skepticism.

Ideas for improvements, extensions, fun ? Feel free to mail.

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