Reinhard Denner MA aka Dipl.-Ing. (TU München)
Interactive Software Solutions


Graphic interactive user interfaces
Technical and scientific programs


Web Page and Web Shops with Web Services

We use Google Webs Toolkit (gwt) for the browser functions and Java for the server functions. In the applications we prefer standardized interfaces and formats such as XML and SVG. The user prompts and documentation are integrated in the user interface.

Interactive Browser CAD with Data Analysis

  • Detection of closed areas, enclosed areas, outlines and intersections in a DXF input file
  • Processing of individual elements using CAD functions such as undo/redo
  • Feedback concerning the application of elements by underlining with the mouse, with tool tip and highlighting
  • Navigation in the design using mouse, buttons and keyboard to enlarge, move, or scale the images

Calculations for Design Engineers in Development

  • Offline use, also in secure areas
  • Automatic installation of a local database
  • Installation with set up or Java Web Start (jnlp)
  • Generation of calculation records/reports
  • Graphics and diagrams of calculation results
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